Dress Shopping Tips

1 Feb

I wanted to share a few great dress shopping tips for those brides who are out looking for their “perfect dress”!


1. Start with a Budget

Keep your budget in mind before you step foot into your first store. Do your research on local stores and make sure that you are looking at stores that carry designers and dresses in your price range. You will only be setting yourself up for disappointment or sticker shock if you shop at a retailer that is out of your reasonable budget. Also always try and throw in a curveball when setting your appointments. By trying a shop off the beaten path you may be surprised to find a great steal or designer you didn’t consider before. A perfect example in the area is I Do I Do in Rockville, they specialize in consignments and bridal closeout at great prices. Once you have set a budget… STICK with it!! Dont put yourself in debt over a dress that although beautiful will break the bank.

2. Keep your Entourage in Check

Make sure to choose your shopping companions wisely! You want people to come with you who will be honest but kind about the dresses you try on.  Remember that you have a vision for your wedding and stay true to that idea, don’t let others ideas sway you away from the dress you love because it is what they have always envisioned for your wedding day. Also, dress shopping can be exhausting so shop with people who can keep up and be in good spirits all day long!


3. Keep an Open Mind

Although you might have picked out “the one” from online or a bridal magazine, keep an open mind about other dresses that the bridal consultant will bring to you. They are the bridal dress professionals and know what will and wont look good on your body type. They also have a great knowledge of what is in the shop and if they listen to your ideas and vision can pick out great options to try on. I can’t tell you how many times I have had clients leave having bought a dress that is the opposite from “the one” they imagined. Try different shades of white, necklines, and also beading to make sure that you have a clear idea of what you love and don’t love.

4. Don’t Shop after You Found the One

I can only say this once!! Do NOT keep shopping around after you have found your dress!! It will drive you crazy, and remember that you loved your dress when you bought it and just will need to try it on again!! Stop shopping!!

5. Keep all factors in mind

Once you pick out your dress keep all the outside factors in mind before paying. Check on alterations needed and if you are allowed to take your dress to an outside seamstress (to save money) or if you will need to have it cleaned (if it is a sample). Also ask how long shipping time will take and that you can get it on time without a rush fee. Lastly, check if you need a bustle or special undergarments when trying on your dress. These items cost extra money and should be factored into your budget.




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