Real Wedding: Laura-Kate and Eitan

2 Jan

Laura-Kate and Eitan were two of the best clients we had all year because of the sheer volume of personality they brought to their wedding. They had so much joy for each other and life and it was so refreshing to end the year with an amazing couple. They were married at Temple Micah in D.C and then the party moved to Sequoia in Georgetown for an all out dance fest. The couple opted for a first look at the beautiful St. Albans school before they joined their family at the church for the signing of the Ketubah. The brides family create a personalized quilt that was hung at the reception behind the Pie Table that was an assortment of delicious pies brought in by family. The couple brought in their personality with favors for the guests as a joke to their backgrounds. She had moonshine and he had bagels and shmear- and everyone loved it! Enjoy!


Photography- Duhon Photography

venue- Temple Micah, reception- Sequoia

DJ- MyDeejay- Evan R.

Beauty- Ira Ludwig Salon/ Nikki Fraser (makeup)

Hotel- Fairmont

Florist- Multiflor

Videographer- Red Heron




Laura Eitan 031 Laura Eitan 050 Laura Eitan 067 Laura Eitan 121 Laura Eitan 125 Laura Eitan 147 Laura Eitan 162 Laura Eitan 174 Laura Eitan 178 Laura Eitan 203 Laura Eitan 215 Laura Eitan 234 Laura Eitan 264 Laura Eitan 355 Laura Eitan 401-L Laura Eitan 405-L Laura Eitan 405 Laura Eitan 406 Laura Eitan 412 Laura Eitan 415-L Laura Eitan 421-L Laura Eitan 424-L Laura Eitan 427 Laura Eitan 520 Laura Eitan 527 Laura Eitan 594 Laura Eitan 700 Laura Eitan 710-L Laura Eitan 712 Laura Eitan 713 Laura Eitan 720 Laura Eitan 735 Laura Eitan 776-L

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