Real Wedding: Beautiful River Farm Ceremony

16 Oct

Anne Marie was such a delight to work with and I felt really blessed to have had a chance to work with her and her family leading into their wedding. The entire was breath taking from her delicate lace gown to the textured fluffy pink peonies in her bouquet. This was a dynamic team of A list vendors who pulled together to have great food, drinks, and dancing that completely complimented the personalized touches the couple make for their wedding. Enjoy part one of their story with details and their ceremony!!


Photography- Sweet Tea Photography

Venue- RIver Farm AHS

Catering- Main Event Caterers

Florals- Dogwood Events

Cupcakes- Fluffy Thoughts

Paper- Minted

DJ- Chris Laich

Beauty- Bridal Artistry

Dress- Sarah Seven

Guitarist- Classical Guitar Ceremonies

1_RiverFarmWedding-1 2_RiverFarmWedding-3 3_RiverFarmWedding-1 3_RiverFarmWedding-4 4_RiverFarmWedding-5 4_RiverFarmWedding-7 4_RiverFarmWedding-11 4_RiverFarmWedding-16 5_RiverFarmWedding-4 5_RiverFarmWedding-5 5_RiverFarmWedding-12 5_RiverFarmWedding-24 6_RiverFarmWedding-2 6_RiverFarmWedding-5 6_RiverFarmWedding-10 6_RiverFarmWedding-13 7_RiverFarmWedding-4 8_RiverFarmWedding-34 10_RiverFarmWedding-38 11_RiverFarmWedding-1 12_RiverFarmWedding-19 12_RiverFarmWedding-37 13_RiverFarmWedding-21 17_RiverFarmWedding-96 17_RiverFarmWedding-108 20_RiverFarmWedding-28 20_RiverFarmWedding-31 20_RiverFarmWedding-34 21_RiverFarmWedding-19 21_RiverFarmWedding-112

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