River Farm wedding Reception Love!

17 Oct

Please enjoy part 2 of Anne Marie and Adams beautiful River Farm Wedding from this spring. Chris Laich kept the dance floor thumping all night, and guests were able to enjoy a HUGE array of yummy Fluffy Thoughts Cupcakes. I really loved the look of their reception tables under the tent. Dogwood Events pulled together a gorgeous faint pink and cream palette of peonies, garden roses, and astilbe in vintage wooden boxes lining the long tables. Enjoy!


Photography- Sweet Tea Photography

Venue- RIver Farm AHS

Catering- Main Event Caterers

Florals- Dogwood Events

Cupcakes- Fluffy Thoughts

Paper- Minted

DJ- Chris Laich

Beauty- Bridal Artistry

Dress- Sarah Seven

Guitarist- Classical Guitar Ceremonies

22_RiverFarmWedding-8 22_RiverFarmWedding-16 22_RiverFarmWedding-18 22_RiverFarmWedding-20 22_RiverFarmWedding-31 22_RiverFarmWedding-32 22_RiverFarmWedding-38 22_RiverFarmWedding-44 23_RiverFarmWedding-3 24_RiverFarmWedding-18 24_RiverFarmWedding-22 24_RiverFarmWedding-39 24_RiverFarmWedding-49 24_RiverFarmWedding-53 24_RiverFarmWedding-55 24_RiverFarmWedding-60 24_RiverFarmWedding-62 24_RiverFarmWedding-65 24_RiverFarmWedding-72 24_RiverFarmWedding-75 24_RiverFarmWedding-77 24_RiverFarmWedding-79 24_RiverFarmWedding-82 24_RiverFarmWedding-90 25_RiverFarmWedding-4 25_RiverFarmWedding-9 25_RiverFarmWedding-13 25_RiverFarmWedding-15 25_RiverFarmWedding-18 25_RiverFarmWedding-21 25_RiverFarmWedding-23 25_RiverFarmWedding-31 26_RiverFarmWedding-32 26_RiverFarmWedding-82 31_RiverFarmWedding-27 31_RiverFarmWedding-32 33_RiverFarmWedding-27 36_RiverFarmWedding-11 38_RiverFarmWedding-293

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