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Your the Apple of my Eye

22 Jan

Pulling together photo shoots is one of the great perks of being a designer and planner. I love coming together with my favorite vendors to create visual eye candy that will hopefully inspire clients and future wedding couples. We worked with a stellar team to produce a fall Apple inspired shoot which has graced the pages of Virginia Bride Magazine, Virginia Wedding Locations Magazine, United with Love, and Destination I Do Blog.

Make sure to check out the contributing members for this editorial as they are all amazing wedding and social event options!

Venue- Potomac Point Winery

Photography- Lisa Boggs Photography

Flowers- Petals Edge Floral

Linens/Chairs/Place settings- DC Rentals

Vintage Rentals- Vintage Affairs

Carriage- Baroque n’spoke 

Paper- Radworks Studios

Cake- Kaked

Gown- P. Lawrence Bridal

beauty- KPN Bridal

autumn_apple_styled_shoot_003 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_005 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_008 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_010 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_011 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_014 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_029 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_031 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_032 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_034 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_039 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_044 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_050 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_051 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_053 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_054 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_060 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_073 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_074 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_076 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_080 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_084 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_089 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_091 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_094 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_095 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_099 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_104 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_106

autumn_apple_styled_shoot_112 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_123 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_131 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_153 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_171 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_192 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_197 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_209 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_210 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_220


pajamas and pancakes 1st birthday

12 Dec

Showing off a special first birthday that was featured on Onto Baby earlier this year. Instead of a more traditional theme we wanted to make fun with our idea to have everyone come over for brunch and do “Pancakes in Pajama’s”. We used shades of blue in ombre scale and a reoccurring set of shapes in banners and dots to keep things cohesive.  For the littlest guests they were given swag boxes full of games and treats to make sure everyone felt included when the birthday boy opened gifts. For the quintessential smash cake, a multi-tiered inside out cake was made which hysterically Jackson would not have anything to do with. This was so much fun to plan and I look forward to years of more birthday parties for this handsome fella. (I know! I’m biased!) Big thank you to Lisa Boggs Photography for these amazing photos!

jacksons_1st_birthday_001 jacksons_1st_birthday_002 jacksons_1st_birthday_003 jacksons_1st_birthday_004 jacksons_1st_birthday_006 jacksons_1st_birthday_009 jacksons_1st_birthday_010 jacksons_1st_birthday_013 jacksons_1st_birthday_017 jacksons_1st_birthday_011 jacksons_1st_birthday_022 jacksons_1st_birthday_026 jacksons_1st_birthday_029 jacksons_1st_birthday_035 jacksons_1st_birthday_039 jacksons_1st_birthday_041 jacksons_1st_birthday_042 jacksons_1st_birthday_049 jacksons_1st_birthday_050 jacksons_1st_birthday_064 jacksons_1st_birthday_068 jacksons_1st_birthday_069 jacksons_1st_birthday_072 jacksons_1st_birthday_084 jacksons_1st_birthday_086 jacksons_1st_birthday_100 jacksons_1st_birthday_102 jacksons_1st_birthday_125 jacksons_1st_birthday_134 jacksons_1st_birthday_136 jacksons_1st_birthday_156 jacksons_1st_birthday_158 jacksons_1st_birthday_162

roaring 20’s

14 Jun

Last year I had to sadly say goodbye to my 20’s and make way into my 30’s and I thought there was no better way than to throw a wild Roaring 20’s party. We wanted to have a secret speakeasy themed party with casino tables, backjack dealers, champagne, and all the pearls, feathers, and fringe a girl could handle. Guests looked for the house with the red light and were welcomed to signature mixed drinks and brown paper bagged spirits. Everyone really turned out in their best speakeasy attire!  A big super huge thank you to Lisa Boggs Photography for the photobooth and Audra Wrisley Photography for the detail shots! (make sure to keep an eye out for some of your favorite DC vendors in the photobooth!!)

001_20sParty 003_20sParty 005_20sParty 008_20sParty 010_20sParty 013_20sParty 015_20sParty 019_20sParty 021_20sParty 025_20sParty 026_20sParty 027_20sParty 030_20sParty 032_20sParty 033_20sParty 038_20sParty 042_20sParty 043_20sParty 044_20sParty 045_20sParty 049_20sParty 050_20sParty 051_20sParty 053_20sParty 054_20sParty 055_20sParty 056_20sParty_

tabithas_roaring_20s_birthday_002 tabithas_roaring_20s_birthday_014 tabithas_roaring_20s_birthday_045 tabithas_roaring_20s_birthday_048 tabithas_roaring_20s_birthday_066 tabithas_roaring_20s_birthday_087 tabithas_roaring_20s_birthday_136

goodbye 20’s hello to my 30’s.


DIY love

8 Jan

Wanted to share that one of our favorite DIY blogs Studio DIY has a shiny new face lift and great new posts to check out.


A few of my favorite DIY posts to make sure to check out!

credit: Studio DIY

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