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Colorful Ketubah thoughts…

5 May
One of the most beautful parts of a Jewish wedding is the Ketubah, an important part of the jewish marriage which  outlines the responsibilities and rights of the groom, in relation to his wife. It is important to consult with your officiate when chosing a ketubah to determine the appropriate text options (reform, orthodox, conservative), as the ketubah is not only a religious document but a legal binding contract.
 Once read and signed prior to the  wedding, the ketubah is given to the wife and it is her promise of protection, and so will always remain in her for  safekeeping.  It is stated that in no case can a husband keep a ketubah for his wife. The witnesses must sign directly below the ketubah text, so that no words may later be added to alter its meaning. Also in the same idea, any open or blank spaces in the ketubah have to be filled in with a dash, and the last word of the ketubah should extend to the end of the line on where it is written. 
The idea  decorating the ketubah and making it visually appealing to the eye, is dictated by the Jewish custom of hiddur mitzvah.  Hiddur mitzvah is the principle that material objects used in the performance of religious rites be made beautiful. When picking your ketubah, think about the ideas, colors, and themes that are important to you, and reflect you both as a couple.
Below are a few beautiful examples. Click on the image to be taken to the site for purchase, or more ideas!

One Heart, Gallery Judaica



Spring Floral Ketubah,


Two Rings


our long romance II


"your photo" ketubah


From Etsy Seller: Naomi Broudo


Etsy: Jennifer Raichman


Etsy: Jennifer Raichman