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Winter DC Wedding reception

17 Feb

To continue from yesterdays stunning winter ceremony in Georgetown, we move on to the reception at Carnegie Institution. A plated dinner was served by Well Dunn on a mixture of round tables with a focal Kings Table in the center of the room. Adorned with lush green garlands and towering white and green textured tall centerpieces, the room glowed with the upcoming warmth of Spring. The couple provided a delicious wedding cake from Fluffy Thoughts as well as a unique Nationals themed grooms cake for Tom!

Amazing Vendor Team

Church- St. John’s Episcopal Church

Reception: Carnegie Institution

Planning, lighting, and Bars: Roberts & Co. Events

Photography: Lisa Boggs Photography

Catering: Well Dunn

Flowers: B. Floral

Cake: Fluffy Thoughts

Hotel Block: The Hamilton DC

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Classic Winter DC Real Wedding

16 Feb

Ashley and Tom were a delight to work with as we planned their February wedding over the course of the year. We wanted to create a vision that was classic with lush textured greens, crisp whites, and accented with shades of slate and silver. We worked with B. Floral to design a center Kings Table that was just breath taking the day of the wedding.

Guests met at St. John’s Episcopal in Georgetown for the beautiful ceremony on a day that had just the slightest hint of snow flurries, but held off until the wedding was completed! They then joined the couple at Carnegie Institute for dinner and dancing by MyDeeJay’s Mike Bell. We provided a new wooden bar with custom fabric inserts that coordinated with the wedding design. At the end of the night guests were treated to a take away of homemade chocolate chip cookies and spiked hot coco in monogramed sleeves. Enjoy the first part of their wonderful day, and make sure to check out the reception tomorrow!

Amazing Vendor Team

Church- St. John’s Episcopal Church

Reception: Carnegie Institution

Planning: Roberts & Co. Events 

Photography: Lisa Boggs Photography

Catering: Well Dunn

Flowers: B. Floral

Cake: Fluffy Thoughts

Hotel Block: The Hamilton DC

ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_001 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_002 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_003 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_004 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_005 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_006 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_009 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_010 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_011 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_012 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_013 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_015 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_017 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_023 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_025 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_027 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_028 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_031 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_032 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_034 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_036 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_038 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_039 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_041 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_043 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_051 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_054 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_056 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_059 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_066 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_068 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_070

Luxe Holiday Wedding Cara + Nate

1 Dec

I am so ready for the fun that comes with the Holiday season and I wanted to Kick off December with this beautiful rich red and green Holiday wedding with Cara and Nate. They were married right after the New Year this year and were surrounded by love and family during their day. You can see their special feature here on the Washingtonian Blog earlier this fall. Please enjoy their beautiful ceremony and post wedding photos on the National Mall today and we will wrap with their beautiful wedding reception tomorrow!


Church- St. Charles Borromeo Catholic (Arlington Virginia)

Venue- National Museum of Women in the Arts

Photography- Jessica Shepard

Gown- Hitched

Beauty- Behind the Veil

Flowers- Holly Chapple Flowers

Invitations- Dandelion Patch

Catering- Paris Caterers

Photobooth- Booth O Rama

DJs- DJ D-Mac

national-womens-museum-of-the-arts-washington-dc-001 national-womens-museum-of-the-arts-washington-dc-002 national-womens-museum-of-the-arts-washington-dc-003 national-womens-museum-of-the-arts-washington-dc-004 national-womens-museum-of-the-arts-washington-dc-006 national-womens-museum-of-the-arts-washington-dc-011 national-womens-museum-of-the-arts-washington-dc-013national-womens-museum-of-the-arts-washington-dc-018 national-womens-museum-of-the-arts-washington-dc-019 national-womens-museum-of-the-arts-washington-dc-020 national-womens-museum-of-the-arts-washington-dc-022national-womens-museum-of-the-arts-washington-dc-025 national-womens-museum-of-the-arts-washington-dc-027 national-womens-museum-of-the-arts-washington-dc-029 national-womens-museum-of-the-arts-washington-dc-030 national-womens-museum-of-the-arts-washington-dc-033 national-womens-museum-of-the-arts-washington-dc-034 national-womens-museum-of-the-arts-washington-dc-035 national-womens-museum-of-the-arts-washington-dc-036 national-womens-museum-of-the-arts-washington-dc-037 national-womens-museum-of-the-arts-washington-dc-039 national-womens-museum-of-the-arts-washington-dc-043 national-womens-museum-of-the-arts-washington-dc-044

Rustic Riverside on the Potomac Reception

14 Nov

To follow from yesterdays beautiful RSOP ceremony and cocktail hour, we have Laurie and Cliff’s fun party filled reception. Catering was by Spilled Milk Caterers and guests dined on braised short ribs, rockfish, and an assortment of delicious mini desserts at the end of the night. For favors the couple gave out mini chocolate bars from the Sister of the grooms AMAZING chocolate company Vosages (Check them out at whole foods!)


Venue- Riverside on the Potomac

Catering- Spilled Milk Caterers

Flowers- A Country Way

Photography- Katelyn James Photography

Rentals- DC Rentals

DJ- Bruce Pike Productions

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