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Sparkle Garland

31 Dec

Add a little sparkle to any event or as a backdrop to a gorgeous New Years Ceremony, this Sparkle Garland is a beautiful DIY option. Since most venues wont allow a permanent bar in place, a good option is to rent pipe and drape to be placed and then drape the garland on that instead. Enjoy this tutorial from Apartment Therapy and add a little sparkle!

credit: Apartment Therapy

credit: Apartment Therapy


1. Rod or Pipe and Drape Poles to use as support

2. Mirrored garland that can be found at most craft stores or Party Oasis

3. White holiday lights

4. Large hooks to hold onto pole. Shower curtain hooks are a great cheap alternative. This allows for easy breakdown after the event is over.


1. Have professional place pole or rod in place, and pull electric extension cord to the base to attach the holiday lights

2. Hang the large hooks on the rod and space evenly apart

3. Drape the holiday lights first on the hooks, draping at varying lengths.

4. Place Mirrored Garland across the lights making a custom pattern using differing lengths. Feel free to cut to make longer strands if necessary.

5. lights up and your done!