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Real Wedding: Bonnie and Tom

16 Jan

Bonnie and Tom are two cool clients, and not often do we get such great down to earth couples that just go with the flow and make everything so hip and unassuming. They wanted a wedding that was untraditional, funky, and really a reflection of the two of them. We opted for a neon and gold indian-dutch infusion wedding at L2 club and lounge. They had a small group of friends for an intimate ceremony followed by a reception catered by Kafe Leopold and music all night long. The bride walked down the gold confetti aisle in a beautiful red Sari and exchanged vows and garlands with her new husband. Guests were welcomed to the wedding with a polaroid guest book and a bollywood accessory station of bindi’s, bangles, and glitzy jewels. I hope you love the awesomeness of the wedding as much as I did!


Photography- Duhon Photography

Planning- Roberts & Co. Events

Bridal Garlands and Hindu rentals- Partyland Flowers

Venue- L2 Lounge

Catering- Kafe Leopold

Hotel Accommodations- Renaissance Marriott DC

Hair and Makeup- Stacy Skinner

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