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pajamas and pancakes 1st birthday

12 Dec

Showing off a special first birthday that was featured on Onto Baby earlier this year. Instead of a more traditional theme we wanted to make fun with our idea to have everyone come over for brunch and do “Pancakes in Pajama’s”. We used shades of blue in ombre scale and a reoccurring set of shapes in banners and dots to keep things cohesive.  For the littlest guests they were given swag boxes full of games and treats to make sure everyone felt included when the birthday boy opened gifts. For the quintessential smash cake, a multi-tiered inside out cake was made which hysterically Jackson would not have anything to do with. This was so much fun to plan and I look forward to years of more birthday parties for this handsome fella. (I know! I’m biased!) Big thank you to Lisa Boggs Photography for these amazing photos!

jacksons_1st_birthday_001 jacksons_1st_birthday_002 jacksons_1st_birthday_003 jacksons_1st_birthday_004 jacksons_1st_birthday_006 jacksons_1st_birthday_009 jacksons_1st_birthday_010 jacksons_1st_birthday_013 jacksons_1st_birthday_017 jacksons_1st_birthday_011 jacksons_1st_birthday_022 jacksons_1st_birthday_026 jacksons_1st_birthday_029 jacksons_1st_birthday_035 jacksons_1st_birthday_039 jacksons_1st_birthday_041 jacksons_1st_birthday_042 jacksons_1st_birthday_049 jacksons_1st_birthday_050 jacksons_1st_birthday_064 jacksons_1st_birthday_068 jacksons_1st_birthday_069 jacksons_1st_birthday_072 jacksons_1st_birthday_084 jacksons_1st_birthday_086 jacksons_1st_birthday_100 jacksons_1st_birthday_102 jacksons_1st_birthday_125 jacksons_1st_birthday_134 jacksons_1st_birthday_136 jacksons_1st_birthday_156 jacksons_1st_birthday_158 jacksons_1st_birthday_162