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take me away

20 Feb

I want to share my all time favorite dessert table that we have created. It was inspired by vintage post cards and the soft Parisian colors of mint, blush, and cream. There is something so soft and romantic about those colors and I wanted to pair them with equally delicate desserts such as Macaroons, and petite fours, and chocolate dipped marshmallow puffs. These gorgeous photos were taken by Procopio Photography and the wonderful labels and graphics were designed by Mary Coppola Design . Enjoy!


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Carnival Treats and Yummy Sweets

21 May

Enjoy this Red and Turquoise Carnival themed dessert table photo shoot we did last year with the very talented Procopio Photography and Mary Coppola Designs. When creating your own dessert feature make sure to think about all aspects of the table including the layout, labels, and unique ways to display your treats. I love love loved this color palette and can’t thank our great vendor team enough for such a great shoot!

All photos credit: Procopio Photography