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Winter DC Wedding reception

17 Feb

To continue from yesterdays stunning winter ceremony in Georgetown, we move on to the reception at Carnegie Institution. A plated dinner was served by Well Dunn on a mixture of round tables with a focal Kings Table in the center of the room. Adorned with lush green garlands and towering white and green textured tall centerpieces, the room glowed with the upcoming warmth of Spring. The couple provided a delicious wedding cake from Fluffy Thoughts as well as a unique Nationals themed grooms cake for Tom!

Amazing Vendor Team

Church- St. John’s Episcopal Church

Reception: Carnegie Institution

Planning, lighting, and Bars: Roberts & Co. Events

Photography: Lisa Boggs Photography

Catering: Well Dunn

Flowers: B. Floral

Cake: Fluffy Thoughts

Hotel Block: The Hamilton DC

ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_073 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_077 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_079 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_081 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_082 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_083 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_084 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_086 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_087 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_088 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_092 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_093 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_095 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_097 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_098 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_101 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_102 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_105 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_106 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_107 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_109 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_110 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_114 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_116 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_117 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_121 ashley_tom_georgetown_carnegie_wedding_123


Your the Apple of my Eye

22 Jan

Pulling together photo shoots is one of the great perks of being a designer and planner. I love coming together with my favorite vendors to create visual eye candy that will hopefully inspire clients and future wedding couples. We worked with a stellar team to produce a fall Apple inspired shoot which has graced the pages of Virginia Bride Magazine, Virginia Wedding Locations Magazine, United with Love, and Destination I Do Blog.

Make sure to check out the contributing members for this editorial as they are all amazing wedding and social event options!

Venue- Potomac Point Winery

Photography- Lisa Boggs Photography

Flowers- Petals Edge Floral

Linens/Chairs/Place settings- DC Rentals

Vintage Rentals- Vintage Affairs

Carriage- Baroque n’spoke 

Paper- Radworks Studios

Cake- Kaked

Gown- P. Lawrence Bridal

beauty- KPN Bridal

autumn_apple_styled_shoot_003 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_005 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_008 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_010 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_011 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_014 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_029 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_031 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_032 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_034 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_039 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_044 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_050 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_051 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_053 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_054 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_060 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_073 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_074 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_076 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_080 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_084 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_089 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_091 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_094 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_095 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_099 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_104 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_106

autumn_apple_styled_shoot_112 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_123 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_131 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_153 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_171 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_192 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_197 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_209 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_210 autumn_apple_styled_shoot_220

Luxe Holiday Wedding Reception C&N

2 Dec

To follow up yesterdays beautiful ceremony, I want to share Cara and Nate’s rich red and green cocktail hour and reception. I love how they mixed textured linens with varying patterns to compliment the lush raised centerpieces from Holly Chapple Flowers! Please enjoy!


Venue- National Museum Women in the Arts

Photographer- Jessica Shepard

Catering- Paris Caterers

Flowers- Holly Chapple Flowers

photo booth- Booth O Rama

DJ- DJ D-Mac

Invitations- Dandelion Patch

national-womens-museum-of-the-arts-washington-dc-046 national-womens-museum-of-the-arts-washington-dc-047 national-womens-museum-of-the-arts-washington-dc-048 national-womens-museum-of-the-arts-washington-dc-050 national-womens-museum-of-the-arts-washington-dc-051 national-womens-museum-of-the-arts-washington-dc-052 national-womens-museum-of-the-arts-washington-dc-053 national-womens-museum-of-the-arts-washington-dc-055national-womens-museum-of-the-arts-washington-dc-062 national-womens-museum-of-the-arts-washington-dc-063 national-womens-museum-of-the-arts-washington-dc-065 national-womens-museum-of-the-arts-washington-dc-066 national-womens-museum-of-the-arts-washington-dc-067 national-womens-museum-of-the-arts-washington-dc-069 national-womens-museum-of-the-arts-washington-dc-071 national-womens-museum-of-the-arts-washington-dc-073 national-womens-museum-of-the-arts-washington-dc-076national-womens-museum-of-the-arts-washington-dc-087 national-womens-museum-of-the-arts-washington-dc-089 national-womens-museum-of-the-arts-washington-dc-090 national-womens-museum-of-the-arts-washington-dc-091 national-womens-museum-of-the-arts-washington-dc-092 national-womens-museum-of-the-arts-washington-dc-093national-womens-museum-of-the-arts-washington-dc-097

Mint and Gold St. Francis Wedding

10 Nov

Another bright and cheery spring wedding at St. Francis Hall that was featured earlier this spring on United with Love Blog (which is one of our favorite local blogs!!!). I wanted to share a few of our favorite pictures from Jennifer and Brian’s wedding day with everyone. They used mint and gold with touches of peach in their wedding colors to keep with the vibrancy of spring. They infused their love of travel with some of the additional decor including luggage tag favors for guests to take home.


Church- St Anthony Padua Catholic

Venue- St. Francis Hall 

Photographers- Jeff SImpson and tara Parekh 

Catering- Spilled MIlk 

Cake- Fancy Cakes by Leslie

Florals- Twinbrook Floral Design

DJ- Bialeks (Derek Romanoff)

Jennifer & Brian 0028 Jennifer & Brian 0034 Jennifer & Brian 0193 Jennifer & Brian 0392 Jennifer & Brian 0420 Jennifer & Brian 0526 Jennifer & Brian 0601 Jennifer & Brian 0613 Jennifer & Brian 0700 Jennifer & Brian 0701 Jennifer & Brian 0702 Jennifer & Brian 0705 Jennifer & Brian 0706 Jennifer & Brian 0709 Jennifer & Brian 0715 Jennifer & Brian 0716 Jennifer & Brian 0726 Jennifer & Brian 0731 Jennifer & Brian 0788 Jennifer & Brian 0804 Jennifer & Brian 0821 Jennifer & Brian 0834 Jennifer & Brian 0918 Jennifer & Brian 0940 Jennifer & Brian 1028