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roaring 20’s

14 Jun

Last year I had to sadly say goodbye to my 20’s and make way into my 30’s and I thought there was no better way than to throw a wild Roaring 20’s party. We wanted to have a secret speakeasy themed party with casino tables, backjack dealers, champagne, and all the pearls, feathers, and fringe a girl could handle. Guests looked for the house with the red light and were welcomed to signature mixed drinks and brown paper bagged spirits. Everyone really turned out in their best speakeasy attire!  A big super huge thank you to Lisa Boggs Photography for the photobooth and Audra Wrisley Photography for the detail shots! (make sure to keep an eye out for some of your favorite DC vendors in the photobooth!!)

001_20sParty 003_20sParty 005_20sParty 008_20sParty 010_20sParty 013_20sParty 015_20sParty 019_20sParty 021_20sParty 025_20sParty 026_20sParty 027_20sParty 030_20sParty 032_20sParty 033_20sParty 038_20sParty 042_20sParty 043_20sParty 044_20sParty 045_20sParty 049_20sParty 050_20sParty 051_20sParty 053_20sParty 054_20sParty 055_20sParty 056_20sParty_

tabithas_roaring_20s_birthday_002 tabithas_roaring_20s_birthday_014 tabithas_roaring_20s_birthday_045 tabithas_roaring_20s_birthday_048 tabithas_roaring_20s_birthday_066 tabithas_roaring_20s_birthday_087 tabithas_roaring_20s_birthday_136

goodbye 20’s hello to my 30’s.