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Fall Interns Wanted!

28 Jul




Looking for someone to join our team for a very busy and exciting fall season. This position requires a lot of hard work with very rewarding outcomes! If you think wedding planning is making organized binders, fanny packs of emergency kits, and playing dress up, this position is not for you. We want someone who is ready to get their hands dirty creating weddings from the ground up. This position is from late August to December  and can be used in exchange for course credit in school. 


1. Must have reliable transportation and be able to work in the Roberts & Co. office 1-2 days a week and at least 2 Saturdays a month

2. Energetic and enthusiastic about learning new information and not be overwhelmed with new tasks.

3. Efficient in microsoft products as well as social media such as twitter, facebook, wordpress.

4. Be able to work under pressure in high intensity situations.

5. Be comfortable with heights and able to lift 20 pounds.

6. Be able to laugh at our ridiculous life moments and bring a sense of humor to every situation.

If you are not available to work at least 2 Saturdays a month from September to December, please do not apply. Weddings happen on the weekend, and we expect our interns to be present on event days.

Please send your resume to Tabitha (at) Robertseventplanning (dot) com and also please include a cover letter explaining why you would like to be an intern as well as what made you want to get into events. We value our interns and want to know what makes you special!  

Its in the details

24 Feb

We wanted to share some details of a beautiful wedding we were a part of this past fall. K&N were married in a beautiful DC wedding with rich and vibrant pinks and oranges throughout. I loved the bright preppy hues and lush arrangements by Petals Edge. A big thank you to Rothwell Photography for sharing some of the amazing detail shots so that we can share with you!!


Venue: Mayflower Hotel

Photography: Rothwell Photography

Coordinator- Roberts & Co. Events

Band: The Real Genuises

Florist: Petals Edge

Cake- Fluffy Thoughts

Hair/Makeup- Carola Myers

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