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Real Wedding: Rani and Loc

13 Jun

Last summer we had the pleasure of working with Rani and Loc for their wedding at Top of the Town. They chose to hold their ceremony at the Netherlands Carillon overlooking the amazing scenic views of DC. They were such a joy to work with and the photos from Tracy Timmester were beautiful!

Some really great details about their wedding was that they chose to infuse both of their cultures together as well as their love for DC. She changed into a beautiful Sari at the reception with gorgeous gold accessories. Guests found their seats on Chocolate coins with their names and table numbers imprinted on each. The absolute best treat was the ice cream cart we had positioned for guests for the walk from the ceremony to the reception venue. Enjoy their beautiful day!

Vendor Team

Photography- Timmester Photography 


Ceremony Venue- Netherlands Carillon with National Part Services 

Reception Venue- Top of the Town

Florals- L’artisan Lily


Catering- Main Event Caterers


Coordinator- Roberts & Co. Events


Hotel- Hyatt Arlington

Bridal Gown- P. Lawrence

Sari- G2G Couture

Chairs- DC Rental

Cake- Fluffy thoughts


Vietnamese catering- Four Sisters

Pipe and Drape- Drape Kings


DJ- Davinci Sound and Vision

Alcohol- Ace Beverage

Videographer- Thomas Bowen Films


Transportation- International Limo Services

Calligrapher- Just Write Studios


Invitations- Papyrus

Escort Chocolate Coins- Tasty Image (Montgomery)

Ice cream cart- Scoops 2 U

Photobooth- Red Eye booths



Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0003 Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0007 Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0009 Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0023 Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0050 Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0057 Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0081 Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0096 Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0126-2
Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0136 Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0137-2 Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0145 Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0149 Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0166 Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0171 Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0184 Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0186 Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0211 Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0220 Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0307 Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0308 Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0309 Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0314 Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0360-2 Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0364 Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0374 Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0387 Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0435 Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0469 Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0530 Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0539-2 Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0540 Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0541 Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0542 Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0544 Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0549 Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0551 Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0554 Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0560 Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0563 Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0565 Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0570 Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0581 Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0608-2 Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0723 Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0738 Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0740 edit Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0819 Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0826-2 Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0867 Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0880 Nguyen-Khoa Wedding-0888

Real Wedding: Araceli and Andrew

10 Apr

These two were so much fun to work with and they are a shining example of how much I bond with clients during their wedding process. I have made sure to stay true to keeping in touch and I am so excited that they have just bought their first DC area home! Araceli and Andrew came to me shortly after moving to the DC area from California and wanted to host a small intimate wedding for their closest friends and family. They knew nothing of the area and had a limited budget to work with, so I agreed to help them stretch it as far as we could.

After a bunch of venue options we settled on hosting the entire weekend at the Airlie Center from the rehearsal dinner and welcome cocktails to the post wedding brunch. We wanted to infuse Araceli’s Mexican heritage into the wedding so we order special paper picado flags, and had mexican wedding cookies for guests to take home.  We also made sure to have a grooms cake with Andrew’s love of zombies. I want to share their beautiful getting ready and ceremony photos today. We create babies breath bouquets for the ladies and Araceli wore a gorgeous dress from Betsy Robinson Bridal and to die for shoes by Valentino. Enjoy!

Covarrubias_Hirtle_amber_reinink_photographer_AASlideshow002_low Covarrubias_Hirtle_amber_reinink_photographer_AASlideshow007_low Covarrubias_Hirtle_amber_reinink_photographer_DSC4564_low Covarrubias_Hirtle_amber_reinink_photographer_DSC4570_low Covarrubias_Hirtle_amber_reinink_photographer_DSC4582_low Covarrubias_Hirtle_amber_reinink_photographer_DSC4648_low Covarrubias_Hirtle_amber_reinink_photographer_DSC4776_low Covarrubias_Hirtle_amber_reinink_photographer_DSC4906_low Covarrubias_Hirtle_amber_reinink_photographer_DSC4922_low Covarrubias_Hirtle_amber_reinink_photographer_DSC4923_low Covarrubias_Hirtle_amber_reinink_photographer_DSC4926_low

Their guest book was so fun! They collected photos of everyone from the wedding and we strung them up. Guest then found their photo and added to a page that had a special layout to which they could write in notes and leave funny quotes.

Covarrubias_Hirtle_amber_reinink_photographer_DSC4928_low Covarrubias_Hirtle_amber_reinink_photographer_DSC4956_low Covarrubias_Hirtle_amber_reinink_photographer_DSC4960_low Covarrubias_Hirtle_amber_reinink_photographer_DSC4976_low Covarrubias_Hirtle_amber_reinink_photographer_DSC5010_low Covarrubias_Hirtle_amber_reinink_photographer_DSC5065_low

Sparkle Garland

31 Dec

Add a little sparkle to any event or as a backdrop to a gorgeous New Years Ceremony, this Sparkle Garland is a beautiful DIY option. Since most venues wont allow a permanent bar in place, a good option is to rent pipe and drape to be placed and then drape the garland on that instead. Enjoy this tutorial from Apartment Therapy and add a little sparkle!

credit: Apartment Therapy

credit: Apartment Therapy


1. Rod or Pipe and Drape Poles to use as support

2. Mirrored garland that can be found at most craft stores or Party Oasis

3. White holiday lights

4. Large hooks to hold onto pole. Shower curtain hooks are a great cheap alternative. This allows for easy breakdown after the event is over.


1. Have professional place pole or rod in place, and pull electric extension cord to the base to attach the holiday lights

2. Hang the large hooks on the rod and space evenly apart

3. Drape the holiday lights first on the hooks, draping at varying lengths.

4. Place Mirrored Garland across the lights making a custom pattern using differing lengths. Feel free to cut to make longer strands if necessary.

5. lights up and your done!


Red, White, and Blue woo hoo

28 May

Happy Memorial Day.. these Red, White, and Blue weddings show that you can show some country pride without looking tacky!

credit: Ralph Alswang Photography via Bellwether Events Blog

credit: The Knot


credit: The Shy Cookie


credit: Kristin Spencer

credit: Kristen Spencer


credit: Trent Bailey

credit: Zazzle


credit: Morgan Trinker


credit: Elizabethan Desserts


credit: Ruffled Blog